Agni-Stone Oil Lamp


Most rocks and stones found on earth are millions of years old. Each rock tells its own story as to how it was created either through violent volcanic activity or the fusion of crystals and minerals over time. Each Agni-Stone lamp is unique and has been selected for their natural characteristics then hand crafted into a stunningly beautiful lamp. The flames on the lamps provide a warm and calming glow and are ideal for meditating or for simply improving the energy and ambience of your surroundings.


Product Description

Instructions for Use:

Agni-Stone lamps are created to be completely reusable and are designed to last for many years. The lamps use specially created wicks that do not “burn out” (like candle wicks) and are housed in thermal glass tubes for safety. We offer a life time warranty of the wicks so that should they burn out we will gladly replace them.

We highly recommend the use of pure paraffin lamp fuel which burns cleanly without creating smoke or odour. Paraffin lamp oil is inexpensive and readily available at most hardware stores across Canada or through our website.  The lamps are designed to burn for several hours depending on your environment. They can also be filled with Citronella oil for outdoor use on your patio and deck.

To refill the lamp carefully support the lamp between two sturdy objects (e.g. inverted cups) and carefully unscrew the base of the metal container. Fill approximately half the container with the fuel and slowly screw the base back into the lamp. Do not over tighten.

Place lamp on a sturdy surface and trim the wick at the base of the glass tube if necessary. Let the lamp sit for at least 10 minutes after refilling to allow the fuel to impregnate the wick. Light the wick and Enjoy!



Do not touch the lighted flame. To extinguish the flame merely blow on it as you would a candle. The glass tube and surface of the rock may also be hot to touch. Extinguish the lamp before moving.


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